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21st Century Academy
Gary Middle College
NGIN 7-12
GEO Academies GBR


Geo Prep Academy Greater Baton Rouge
Geo Prep Mid-City Greater Baton Rouge
Geo Prep Baker A Geo Academy
Geo Next Generation High School Baton Rouge

Clubs & Sports

GEO Prep Mid-City of Greater Baton Rouge is continuously developing its offering of
sports, clubs, and activities for students


Girls Scouts (2-5 Grade)

Boys Scouts (2-5 Grade)

Keyboarding Class (6-8 Grade)


Computers (k-8 Grade)

Pink & Pretty (k-1 Grade)

Dance (k-8 Grade)

Cheerleading (6-8 Grade)

Kids Orchestra

Football (6-8 Grade)

Basketball (5-8 Grade)

Track (6-8 Grade)